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As I was trolling through my Facebook news feed, I came across the TED talk video by Rob Reid, and it occurred to me the whole PIPA/SOPA in the States, and the complicated on line spying and content control laws being debated here in Canada is just a political pre-emptive manuevre to try to control the next channel of distribution: the internet.

As we all are now well aware of, there are lots of fingers in the world wide web pie, and as with the economic/financial crisis, a small group is trying to put laws in place to keep the control in their hands. I mean, what easier way to control the message that can be broadcast world wide than by blacklisting and outlawing anyone that has a differing opinion or viewpoint?

The same has been going on within the music industry, and is now (by “now” I mean within the last few years) catching up in the film industry. The product/song/film only makes a profit if it goes into mass distribution. With the film industry, distribution had always been controlled by the studios. After the Blair Witch Project made its hay getting eyeballs on its project through word of mouth via the internet (truly the first film to go viral, before that term was even coined for YouTube), at first it seemed the studios didn’t take much notice. It was a blip on the radar, a one-off.

And since 2007 with the inception of Facebook, social media has the studios sitting up and taking notice. Distribution right now is truly in the hands of the public, and can no longer be tightly reined by the money holders. So, their latest ploy was to concoct some reason to try and manipulate the common consumer and create outrage to side with the artists and creators of the product, without really telling us, Mr/Ms general public, their outrage is that the copyright holders, NOT the artists, are the ones losing profits. If they have their way, they will control and divert our attention to the areas and entertainments they want us to consume, and “look at these ads while you’re at it”.

There is currently a big pushback to get these laws-in-waiting rescinded, because it violates the rights and freedoms of the average working person to profit a small select group. Just like most corporate interests and businesses based in making a yearly profit for shareholders, eventually the end of the chain is reached. Once you’ve drained the pool of water, it won’t refill itself, it requires a source to feed it and maintain it at a certain level. So the cycle of media driven manipulation gets perpetuated again.

The biggest problem these corporate interests have now is the growing public awareness of the men behind the curtains that, like a computer virus, have been operating in the background deleting, manipulating and co-opting information as served them to continue their dominion over all business transactions.

We now stand at a crossroads. The very core of humanity knows innately that we are at a place of choice. Fortunately, for humanity in general I think we have grown savvy enough to know which direction is best: the one that serves the global community as defined by the global community, instead of the one that is attempting to spoonfeed us by force like unruly children.

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I started this thread a year and a half ago, and am now just picking it up again. Eventually much that I write on this topic will eventually become a book.

As someone that has been acting for a while I have discovered that it is more than “being someone else”, it’s bringing what’s in you to what’s being presented through the material. All the studying and teaching that I’ve done for the past 9 years has led me to this conclusion.

I’ve worked and studied with some very high profile acting teachers, leaders, guides and instructors. I’ve explored voice and movement and emotional connection. And all the work leads to the same experience, at least the ones I see on film, television or stage, that the most authentic and truthful actors are the most compelling and inspiring. It is when they connect to themselves through the material that I as audience can connect to them and the story much clearer and more powerfully.

I’ve witnessed too many times actors on stage or in film and TV connected to themselves emotionally, but aren’t connected to the story being told. For me it’s watching a very selfish and indulgent emotional vomiting in the name of “acting”. Fortunately, I think more casting decision makers have caught on, and are hiring better quality performers and I’m seeing it less and less.

At the end of the day it’s really about telling the story, the one in the script, and not try to ram the actor’s personal experience into it.

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