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As with many that blog (at least for me), it’s been a hit and miss thing. Mostly because I have my mind on so many other responsibilities that it’s hard to keep track. I do my best (as does everyone I imagine), but a lot of times, it feels like my brain is swimming.


As I get older and more mature, I try to expand my brain functions to keep up with all the new toys, bells and whistles that we all have available at our finger tips.

fingers typing

For the next while, it may get a bit bumpy with adding new content. I have grown so much the past four years, and I have so much more to say to the world. My goal is to post once a week or more. I will mostly be posting on acting, but I will also add content from some of my other endeavors, like Bitcoin and Steemit.





Okay, then. Here we go this round!

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