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I started this thread a year and a half ago, and am now just picking it up again. Eventually much that I write on this topic will eventually become a book.

As someone that has been acting for a while I have discovered that it is more than “being someone else”, it’s bringing what’s in you to what’s being presented through the material. All the studying and teaching that I’ve done for the past 9 years has led me to this conclusion.

I’ve worked and studied with some very high profile acting teachers, leaders, guides and instructors. I’ve explored voice and movement and emotional connection. And all the work leads to the same experience, at least the ones I see on film, television or stage, that the most authentic and truthful actors are the most compelling and inspiring. It is when they connect to themselves through the material that I as audience can connect to them and the story much clearer and more powerfully.

I’ve witnessed too many times actors on stage or in film and TV connected to themselves emotionally, but aren’t connected to the story being told. For me it’s watching a very selfish and indulgent emotional vomiting in the name of “acting”. Fortunately, I think more casting decision makers have caught on, and are hiring better quality performers and I’m seeing it less and less.

At the end of the day it’s really about telling the story, the one in the script, and not try to ram the actor’s personal experience into it.

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